Set in the heart of Gaborone’s new CBD, the development of the iTowers is the biggest project Tredinnick has undertaken to date. Standing at 19 and 28 stories above the ground respectively, the iTowers North and South are not only Botswana’s tallest buildings but truly set the tone for modern development in the country. Tredinnick acted as development managers in this joint venture scheme that saw multiple stakeholders from various industries come together to deliver on the project. iTowers are also the first buildings in Botswana to truly be of mixed use - combining retail, commercial, residential, and leisure space. The idea behind the development was to create a space that caters for a lifestyle of ultimate convenience, whilst offering the citizens of Gaborone their first true glimpse into the benefits of inner-city dwelling. iTowers remains Tredinnick’s flagship development to date, and is the poster child of what the company is capable of achieving for both its investors and clients.

DATE: 2016

VALUE: P500 million